GeoDDupe: A Novel Interface for
Interactive Entity Resolution in Geospatial Data

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Project Description

Due to the growing interest in geospatial data mining and analysis, data cleaning and integration in geospatial data is becoming an important issue. Geospatial entity resolution is the process of reconciling multiple location references to the same real world location within a single data source (deduplication) or across multiple data sources (integration). In this project, we introduce an interactive tool called GeoDDupe which effectively combines automatic data mining algorithms for geospatial entity resolution with a novel network visualization supporting users' resolution analysis and decisions. We illustrate the GeoDDupe interface with an example geospatial dataset and show how users can efficiently and accurately resolve location entities.


Lise Getoor, Assistant Professor, Computer Science / UMIACS
Hyunmo Kang, Faculty Research Associate, UMIACS


    GeoDDupe: A Novel Interface for Interactive Entity Resolution in Geospatial Data
        Hyunmo Kang, Vivek Sehgal, Lise Getoor
        Proceeding of Information Visualisation, pp. 489-496, 2007 (July 2007)

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Video Demo

GeoDDupe demo (800x600 resolution)
GeoDDupe demo (1024x768 resolution)


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Geospatial sample data is downloadable separately from NGA GNS web site


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